A great fundaising idea for preschools

Little Toggs gives Preschools and Day Care Centres a fun and easy way to raise funds.

Our “Happy Nappy” swim nappies are insisted upon by many of Australia’s leading swim schools for their reliability, quality and comfort.  The tried and tested leak free design gives parents and teachers confidence that babies and small children will stay clean in the pool.  And their soft waist and leg bands make them so comfortable to wear.

And now you can use our Happy Nappy, one of the world’s leading swim nappy brands, to raise funds for your centre!

  • Achieve your fundraising goal by selling Little Toggs “Happy Nappy” swim nappies
  • Reusable, practical, and compulsory in many learn-to-swim centres
  • Inexpensive, high quality, long lasting, and parents LOVE them!
  • No upfront costs, the program is simple and costs nothing to run
  • Add your margin and start making profit
  • We send you a FREE kit with everything you need to ensure a simple and successful program (includes sample products, promotional posters and order forms)
  • FREE gift(s) based on overall sales to use as a giveaway / end of year raffle prix

To find out more and to order your Splash About “Happy Nappy” fundraising kit, please contact us on 0426972914 or via email:

Practical and profitable

Our fundraisers are easy to organise.  We will send out your order pack and get you started.  Once you receive your pack, start promoting your fundraiser by sending out a fundraiser information letter to parents and carers, and promote the fundraiser on your website and if your newsletter.


You decide on how much you will sell your Happy Nappies for, and can therefore control the amount of money your centre can make, however we do suggest a recommended retail price which is the same as the price we sell our Happy Nappy for through our own online store.

We have the two levels of Happy Nappies in our range, and both are available to your customers.  Our prices and discounts are as follows:


Ordering & Payment
Once you have finished collecting the orders and payment let us know.  We will collect the orders from you and calculate your final purchase price based on the orders you receive.  Payment via direct deposit or credit card is then required prior to orders being sent out.

Our delivery times are 2 weeks from when we receive payment.  We will deliver all Happy Nappies back to your centre for you to distribute.

Free Gifts
We would like to offer you a free gift to use as a raffle prize or promotional item for your centre.  Free gifts will be delivered along with your final order, and will be determined by the overall quantity of Happy Nappies sold.
The more you sell, the higher the value of the free gift!

To order your Splash About “Happy Nappy” fundraising kit, please contact us on 0426 972 914 or via email: